• This Web Series will be a veritable poo poo platter of information!
  • I am ass deep in to this project!
  • My colon therapist saved my ass...literally!
  • Your Documentary project will be so impacting!! Jeez…that doesn't sound good!
  • As therapists, we are always the butt of the joke!
  • Anal retentive people really need colonics. No really!
  • We really need people to get behind this movement!
  • Perhaps there will have to be parts to this episode, you know...like a number 2?
  • The bottom line is that colon health is serious!
  • Perhaps I need to log out before I can watch the video!
  • I am bowel moved to educate people about their colon.
  • I have a serious case of Yeast of Eden!
  • I need to see a man about a horse!
  • Excuse me while I go and lay some cable!
  • I need to drop the kids at the pool!
  • Ugh, I have a turtle head poking out!
  • The AMA tends to poo poo colon hydrotherapy.
  • I am bowel moved to educate people about their colon.
  • Why this topic? I dunno, it was totally a gut feeling.
  • Therapists often get a little behind in their work.
  • I charge $85 a crack!
  • We therapists really know our shit!
  • With friends like me, who needs enema?
  • Colonics were a no brainer for me.  Or...maybe they were.
  • I have this documentary project in the can!
  • We might have to go through the back door in order to become validated!
  • Shit happens…or at least it should!
  • This community of therapists is starting a movement.  Literally!
  • I want this documentary to inspire a call to action.  You know…something for people to do do!
  • Where do the misguided arguments and misconceptions about colon hydrotherapy come from?  I intend to the bottom of it!
  • Our healthcare system fosters ass backward thinking!
  • Let's brainstorm with the therapists. It's bound to be a shit storm of ideas!
  • I hope these colonic episodes go viral.  Eeew….
  • How can the FDA and AMA not validate colon hydrotherapy? What a bunch of crap!


  1. Julie
    Oct 21, 2012 @ 11:35:21

    I am trying to do so many things for this website, b/c it’s actually a documentary film, but at this moment, I am
    the sole producer. I just finished a vid for Katie Couric, which I will post ASAP! And today, I will add
    two videos from interviews I did months and months ago.


  2. David
    Apr 19, 2014 @ 12:09:20

    Good article Julie !
    It’s about time we start looking at medicine from a different perspective.


  3. David DeHaas
    Oct 30, 2014 @ 10:10:58

    Oh my yiou made some great points and really gave me big belly laugh, cause honey when you been in the “shit” long enough preaching this stuff you just have to have a laugh moment when like you said. We have been using probiotics via food for a long long time. And then bang you are right obese and autistic will be the new “NORMAL” if society doesn’t figure out how to eat and boost their immune system naturally. The problem is we need more of us preaching the gospel of cleansing and natural immune boosting sister. So to you I take off my hat and bow and say AAHHHHHMMMMMEN. You rock. Love you. Keep up the fantastic work.
    P.S. Had two severe cases call today. They have both been given ” You got till Christmas to live” prediction. Well we will just see about that. 🙂


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