• This Web Series will be a veritable poo poo platter of information!
  • I am ass deep in to this project!
  • My colon therapist saved my ass...literally!
  • Your Documentary project will be so impacting!! Jeez…that doesn't sound good!
  • As therapists, we are always the butt of the joke!
  • Anal retentive people really need colonics. No really!
  • We really need people to get behind this movement!
  • Perhaps there will have to be parts to this episode, you know...like a number 2?
  • The bottom line is that colon health is serious!
  • Perhaps I need to log out before I can watch the video!
  • I am bowel moved to educate people about their colon.
  • I have a serious case of Yeast of Eden!
  • I need to see a man about a horse!
  • Excuse me while I go and lay some cable!
  • I need to drop the kids at the pool!
  • Ugh, I have a turtle head poking out!
  • The AMA tends to poo poo colon hydrotherapy.
  • I am bowel moved to educate people about their colon.
  • Why this topic? I dunno, it was totally a gut feeling.
  • Therapists often get a little behind in their work.
  • I charge $85 a crack!
  • We therapists really know our shit!
  • With friends like me, who needs enema?
  • Colonics were a no brainer for me.  Or...maybe they were.
  • I have this documentary project in the can!
  • We might have to go through the back door in order to become validated!
  • Shit happens…or at least it should!
  • This community of therapists is starting a movement.  Literally!
  • I want this documentary to inspire a call to action.  You know…something for people to do do!
  • Where do the misguided arguments and misconceptions about colon hydrotherapy come from?  I intend to the bottom of it!
  • Our healthcare system fosters ass backward thinking!
  • Let's brainstorm with the therapists. It's bound to be a shit storm of ideas!
  • I hope these colonic episodes go viral.  Eeew….
  • How can the FDA and AMA not validate colon hydrotherapy? What a bunch of crap!

“Colon hydrotherapy” is a modality that has multiple applications, but is being legally hindered by a multi-faceted effort involving several entities. Colon hydro-therapists are a group of holistic practitioners lacking licensure in 49 out of 50 states in the U.S., in large part due to a lack of “deep pockets” which would allow the profession to “play with the big boys” – i.e., the AMA, FDA, Big Pharma, Big Agra and State Medical Boards.

Practitioners from state to state are forced to operate their healing arts businesses under vague, contradictory,and often indecipherable legal language. A “jurisdictional monopoly” has evolved over time, which has arisen out of a “traditional, biomedical model” and does not, in many cases, suit modalities in Complimentary and Alternative Medicine. In many states colon hydro-therapists are left vulnerable to a legal paradigm that does not explicitly protect them and leaves them open to regulatory whims and misinterpretations. With the exception of Florida (which affords colon hydro-therapists the opportunity to earn a license) all other states differ with regard to the legal protection offered to a colon hydro-therapist. In some states the attitude toward therapists is: “good luck, hope it goes well.” Inevitably instances arise where the state medical board goes after therapists and accuses them of not following the “rules,” when the state medical boards, attorneys, professional trade organizations, and policy makers are themselves conflicted as to what those very rules are. The state medical boards randomly enforce or change these “rules” when they see fit and often give no recourse to the practitioner.

Practitioners, as a result, feel like they’ve been hog-tied and aren’t protected when push comes to shove. Without a license they can’t speak their truths, promote their profession, or talk about the knowledge they have obtained as a result of the successful healing stories their clients share with them. They have even been shut down on occasion for operating ‘outside the law” and for “felony violation of practicing medicine without a license.”

Furthermore, obtaining licensure may not be the answer, since the very premise of obtaining licensure subjects these holistic modalities to the Jurisdictional Monopolistic language that is inherently at odds right from the beginning, and leads to unnecessary and burdensome regulation. The passage of safe harbor exemption laws that protect the rights of Americans to access non-medical health care practitioners may be the sensible alternative and six states have passed legislation to this effect, with 22 additional states examining similar legislation.

Until now the general public has been unaware of the plight of colon hydro-therapists. I believe the public could benefit immensely from watching this documentary, because each viewer will see the wide scope of health and well-being benefits of colon hydrotherapy, as well as the financial benefits of this treatment to help one stay healthy and address and avoid disease.

Ultimately I seek to educate the medical community of MDs, with a special focus on Gastroenterologists, and I aim to empower “mainstream America” so individuals will start demanding better standards of care with the goal of achieving optimal and long-term health. Therapists are professionally trained healthcare givers, often registered nurses and nutritionists, with a passion for healing and an extensive body of knowledge and training. They adhere to a strict set of ethics, bylaws and standards. And they are all striving for the same end-goal: recognition and legal protection. They want to offer themselves as care-givers and have the freedom and legal authority to provide a service they know to be valuable. I feel viewers should be exposed to the anecdotal evidence, testimonials, and science-based studies which show this to be a valuable therapy, and viewers should witness the agenda of organized medicine and see that it is not “patient-centric” nor “healing-oriented,” but rather “disease-oriented.” Perhaps then viewers would understand why it is uncommon to hear their doctor recommending colon hydrotherapy, and why they haven’t seen pharmaceutical companies funding studies for this treatment. They will also learn why facilities are not allowed to promote the wonders of colon hydrotherapy. The audience will understand why the debate about colon hydrotherapy continues, and why it is unfortunately still not accepted as a normal part of a smart health regimen, like getting one’s teeth cleaned, or having an annual physical.

I also hope to galvanize the colon hydrotherapy community and take their cause and agenda forward, while enlightening the mainstream public in an entertaining way, so true healing and the modalities that support it will be protected and applauded. I am certain that after watching this film, viewers will ask themselves whether they might benefit from colon hydrotherapy, and in turn challenge the status quo, thereby improving healthcare on a massive scale.


There is a small minority of physicians who are integrating colon hydrotherapy into their medical practice and should be applauded. There are many Naturopathic doctors and Nutritionists who recognize colon hydrotherapy as an adjunct tool for achieving better health. There are a select few Gastroenterologists who have begun offering Colon hydrotherapy as an alternative prep for Colonoscopy and those GIs should likewise, be lauded for their pioneering efforts.

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