• This Web Series will be a veritable poo poo platter of information!
  • I am ass deep in to this project!
  • My colon therapist saved my ass...literally!
  • Your Documentary project will be so impacting!! Jeez…that doesn't sound good!
  • As therapists, we are always the butt of the joke!
  • Anal retentive people really need colonics. No really!
  • We really need people to get behind this movement!
  • Perhaps there will have to be parts to this episode, you know...like a number 2?
  • The bottom line is that colon health is serious!
  • Perhaps I need to log out before I can watch the video!
  • I am bowel moved to educate people about their colon.
  • I have a serious case of Yeast of Eden!
  • I need to see a man about a horse!
  • Excuse me while I go and lay some cable!
  • I need to drop the kids at the pool!
  • Ugh, I have a turtle head poking out!
  • The AMA tends to poo poo colon hydrotherapy.
  • I am bowel moved to educate people about their colon.
  • Why this topic? I dunno, it was totally a gut feeling.
  • Therapists often get a little behind in their work.
  • I charge $85 a crack!
  • We therapists really know our shit!
  • With friends like me, who needs enema?
  • Colonics were a no brainer for me.  Or...maybe they were.
  • I have this documentary project in the can!
  • We might have to go through the back door in order to become validated!
  • Shit happens…or at least it should!
  • This community of therapists is starting a movement.  Literally!
  • I want this documentary to inspire a call to action.  You know…something for people to do do!
  • Where do the misguided arguments and misconceptions about colon hydrotherapy come from?  I intend to the bottom of it!
  • Our healthcare system fosters ass backward thinking!
  • Let's brainstorm with the therapists. It's bound to be a shit storm of ideas!
  • I hope these colonic episodes go viral.  Eeew….
  • How can the FDA and AMA not validate colon hydrotherapy? What a bunch of crap!

323_JT_Yoga_2Julie Tyler has been working in marketing, sales, acting, modeling and hosting, both on camera and live since 1995.

Clients have included, Costco, HSN, Hewlett Packard, Waldorf Hotel, Saks Fifth Avenue, Jimmyjane, Portero, Oscar de la Renta, Peninsula Hotel LA, & Sotheby’s NY.

In 2006 Julie began working as a spokes model and product specialist on the Toyota account, represented by Productions Plus-The Talent Shop. She traveled around the country to auto shows and events as a vehicle specialist, presenter, “Kaisenette” singer, and lead gen associate. During her six seasons on the Toyota team, she consistently ranked as one of the top Lead Generators and was promoted to Lead Gen Supervisor, Ride and Drive Supervisor, Team Captain and finally, Presenter at the Toyota 2011 World Convention in Las Vegas. She was recently an on air guest representative for Toyota on HSN during three live segments hosted by Brett Chuckerman and Marlo Smith.

Her path to obtaining health and wellness as an adult also began in the early ‘90s when she began studying yoga under Valerie Striar who came from a classical ballet background.  She feels blessed to have been mentored by Ilan Reichel, who at the time was the head

movement teacher at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and also with Mona Stiles, an instructor at the Alexander Institute in New York City.  After studying at the conservatory, Julie moved on to explore classes at the world renowned Sivananda Center, the ubiquitous YMCA and Jiva Mukti studio, and continued with her own home practice.  In 1998, when she moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting she found the Sivananda Center in Venice, Brian Kess in Santa Monica, Steve Ross in Brentwood and YogaWorks Larchmont!

After battling skin rashes and digestive issues in college, she was also ready for a long-term holistic approach to deal with health symptoms that were outwardly conspicuous and emotionally debilitating. Julie embarked on Dr. David Katz’s system for repairing her digestive tract and immune system, ultimately changing the pH environment of her liver. In the years leading up to her treatment with Dr. Katz, Julie had already learned a lot about nutrition, herbal supplements, and the negative effects of imbalanced chi. However, no one seemed to be able to offer her a practical and effective method for ridding her, once and for all, of her particular symptoms. Collaborating with Dr. David Katz, Julie committed to a program of healing by equipping her body with the necessary tools to remain healthy, rather than quick-fix methods that fizzled after time and never addressed the root problem. This approach, along with continued exercise and a sensible diet, has entitled her to loads of energy, clear skin, healthy digestion, a vibrant metabolism, regular elimination, and a stronger immune system. No more antibiotics!

Julie_resize6In 2002, Julie decided to deepen her yoga practice by taking a teacher’s training program with Beth Shaw’s Yogfit organization and completed levels I and II before teaching yoga at the YMCA in Santa Monica.  Since then, Julie has continued to study with various teachers around Los Angeles, while maintaining a strong home practice as a way to maintain physical and psychological health.  In the fall of 2008, she completed the YogaWorks 50hr Teacher’s Training Program. Julie is a firm believer that yoga doesn’t have to been limited to the yoga studio setting.  She is known for doing yoga at the baggage claim, laundry mat and on the subway and hopes to encourage others to feel free to integrate yoga as they see fit.

Ever since reading Deepak Chopra’s, “Ageless Body, Timeless Mind,” Julie has been intrigued by and taken advantage of eastern thought and medicine.  She has employed Ayurvedic principles, practiced yoga for 19 years, received acupuncture for a variety of ailments, benefited from Chinese herbs and medical advice, studied and experimented with a variety of dietary supplements and used exercise, massage and meditation to improve health immensely.  She is particularly intrigued by the following words: centrifugal, positive, negative, illusion, infinity, consciousness, spirit, destiny, centripetal, lightness, darkness, choice, empowerment, blame, bliss, intuition, microcosm, fear, psychic, cell, muscle memory, love, atom, heaven, density, macrocosm, time, space, reincarnation, energy, path, spine, enlightenment, external, senses, change, money, desire, transcendental, breath, blockage, balance, center, chakra, toxin, universe, and duality among others.

She has learned through acting the importance of the power of intention, making a connection and being completely “in the moment,” two ideas reflected in holistic health approaches. Julie has a voracious appetite for knowledge in areas having anything to do with the universe: physics, philosophy, biology, chemistry, cosmology and yes…astrology and numerology. Her core belief is that the only way to approach life is with an appreciation for the “connectedness” of everything.  Therefore, a holistic approach to health and problem solving is indubitable.

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